Friday, October 24

trophy skulls

By merging myself with human trophy skull images, I am endeavouring to merge the demonic with the human, the deepest darkest depths with the superficie with which other humans experience each other. We know the depths of human depravity, or its potential at least, to wreak destruction over everything and everyone touched by it, both physically and emotionally. This is an attempt to exorcise that power and to realign some semblance of normality to my own soul and the life that I lead, lessening the chaos that lies in my wake.

"The practice of human trophy collecting involves the acquisition of human remains. The intent may be to demonstrate dominance over the deceased, such as scalp-taking or forming necklaces of human ears or teeth, or to commemorate the deceased, such as the veneration of the relics of saints. It can be done to prove ones success in battle, or to show off one's power to others. Murderers' collection of their victims' body parts have also been described as a form of trophy-taking; the FBI draws a distinction between souvenirs and trophies in this regard.

Headhunting has been practiced across the Americas, Europe, Asian, and Oceania for millennia. One analysis of the practice in early North American societies linked it to social distance from the victim. For example, groups such as the Scythians collected the skulls of the vanquished to make a skull cup.
The practice continued up until the 20th century in the Balkans, and occurred on a smaller scale during World War II and the Vietnam War. About 60% of the bodies of Japanese soldiers recovered in the Mariana Islands and returned to Japan lacked skulls.
(source: Wikipedia)

© XMB 2014

Saturday, October 11

the power of re:

One of the best things about mental illness, mental breakdowns, mental breakthroughs, mental experiences in general is the power of re:- re-examining, re-aligning, re-creating, re-living, re-purposing, although perhaps not re-peating if that is what got you into that state in the first place.

I am currently at a very raw place in my life. Having experienced all of the above, I am daily trying to re-place myself in the world. Having never really understood what my place is, this is kind of hard. I feel very lost. So I’ve been creating work that I feel reflects this feeling of disembodiment, of dislocation, of dismemberment. It’s similar to older work in that it’s autobiographical, that there’s an emphasis on process and repetition, but the difference is in its bloodied directness. 

I’ve never been in a place quite like this where I’ve been so flayed as to have no option other than to show my innards to the world. It’s not even unsettling to me as I’m so used to it. Perhaps it’s unsettling to others, I don’t know. I don’t actually care (all that much) what others make of it. It is work that simply has to be made as part of the cathartic act of healing. I feel so mired in lost-ness and unanchored-ness that it’s all I have right now that doesn’t jar, that doesn’t stir up seasickness and self-derision. So I will continue with it until it has finished with me, or finished me, whichever comes first...

triggered self (repeat)

Wednesday, October 8

states of mind - work in progress

[despire: 1. to despise (Old French, Etymology: Latin dēspiciō) 
2. to be aspiring and desiring 3. to desire and despise (urban slang)]

the falsity of facebook


headcase (detail)

triggered self

I'd give my eye teeth

I'd give my eye teeth (again)

I'd give my eye teeth (in passing)

día de los muertos

Monday, September 15

breakdown broken down

fluctuations of mood march-sept ©xmb 2014

Tuesday, July 15

back to basics...

I've been having a wonderful time this week drawing and painting with Sharon Haward, a great artist, teacher & ex studio-mate on the Sussex Coast College Drawing & Painting Summer School. Here's what I've been up to:

perspective, charcoal on cartridge paper

white hydrangea, fine pen on cartridge paper

blue & pink hydrangea, acrylic on cartridge paper

hanging greenery, acrylic on cartridge paper

architectural drawings: shadows, movement, numbers, letters, people, 
lifts, staircases, drawings, body in space, looking through spaces

inside cover

people in space #1 pencil on graph paper

text in spaces #2 pencil & pen on greaseproof paper over graph paper

lines, lifts & floors #3 marker pen on lined paper

people moving through spaces #4 fine pen on Indian handmade paper with leaves

A drawing by Jasmine Crowter #5 marker pen on textured paper: 
human emotions, the mind, the way we think or how we wish we were something else. Each character expresses a different emotion; viewer invited to make up their own story about how they are connected. There is somethine missing from each character which says something about life. 

looking up #6 watercolour & pen on newspaper

gold leaf panel #7 pen & glitter on brown wrapping paper

Frontalini artists' model accordion, oil pastel on cardboard

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