Monday, September 15

breakdown broken down

fluctuations of mood march-sept ©xmb 2014

Tuesday, July 15

back to basics...

I've been having a wonderful time this week drawing and painting with Sharon Haward, a great artist, teacher & ex studio-mate on the Sussex Coast College Drawing & Painting Summer School. Here's what I've been up to:

perspective, charcoal on cartridge paper

white hydrangea, fine pen on cartridge paper

blue & pink hydrangea, acrylic on cartridge paper

hanging greenery, acrylic on cartridge paper

architectural drawings: shadows, movement, numbers, letters, people, 
lifts, staircases, drawings, body in space, looking through spaces

inside cover

people in space #1 pencil on graph paper

text in spaces #2 pencil & pen on greaseproof paper over graph paper

lines, lifts & floors #3 marker pen on lined paper

people moving through spaces #4 fine pen on Indian handmade paper with leaves

A drawing by Jasmine Crowter #5 marker pen on textured paper: 
human emotions, the mind, the way we think or how we wish we were something else. Each character expresses a different emotion; viewer invited to make up their own story about how they are connected. There is somethine missing from each character which says something about life. 

looking up #6 watercolour & pen on newspaper

gold leaf panel #7 pen & glitter on brown wrapping paper

Frontalini artists' model accordion, oil pastel on cardboard

Sunday, February 9

Tension @ Kaleidoscope

I was delighted to be invited to show my work, ‘Knitting the Shreds’ as part of ‘Tension’ at the Kaleidoscope Gallery in Sevenoaks from 14 January - 8 February 2014.

Reviewed by David Minton in a-n interface, he writes,

"Cousin to the fabric pieces is Xaverine Bates' work, 'Knitting the Shreds'. Tension is often a family thing, shredding a violent act, one of denial perhaps, and rejection. A long scarf-like piece is knitted from the cut up pieces of photographs from the artist's own past, destroyed like the husband's suit but now reconstituted, strait-jacketed into stitched claustrophobic closeness." The full review can be found here.

Many thanks to curators Franny Swann, Rosalind Barker, and Sue Evans for the opportunity to be part of such a wonderful show.

Friday, September 20


Very excited to have been invited by Coastal Currents to curate a week of events for riart Grrrls at the Stade Hall, Hastings. All events are free!

Sunday, June 9

riart Grrrls: art & the feminist revolution

I was so pleased to have been invited to speak to SoCo at Bullet Coffee House, Robertson St, Hastings on Friday July 12th 2013.

I gave a whistle-stop illustrated tour of feminist artists that have shaped our consciousness & political awareness: a selection of personal favourites, rather than a comprehensive art history lesson. 

I examined the intersection between art & activism in the current wave of contemporary global feminism with reference to activist artists such as Pussy Riot, Yoko Ono & Molly Crabapple amongst many others.

In addition, I explained the impetus behind initiating riart Grrrls: Hastings & St Leonards' feminist arts collective, the power of online activism as well as discussing rG's plans for future events, such as a curated show for Coastal Currents and Hastings Ladyfest for International Women's Day 2014.

"Thank you for researching your talk so thoroughly and presenting it so well!! It felt very powerful to look at the work of one women artist after another. We're not used to that experience! Also, it was fascinating to see more of current feminist activism, including your own part in generating events for local people to be involved with."  

"Thank you for an inspiring and thought provoking evening."

"Great talk, really enjoyed it & look forward to exploring some of the artists."

For more information, see: 

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